Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My new bunny

My new bunny is actually a watercolor print purchased from new found artist Amber Alexander. Her renderings are so charming and Beatrix Potter-esque that I became inspired with the notion of finding the perfect pieces to adorn the newly painted walls of our (now) guest room and (future - who knows when) baby room. (Yikes, did I just say that?...) Now all I have to do is scout out the perfect little frame where my bunny will live for ever and ever.

Check out all of her creatures (cutely clad and otherwise) here!


Pillows for the People said...

these are beautiful - great find!

Ash said...

oh, I am inspired to bust out the watercolors now. thanks for sharing these!

(ps: the captcha below says "fumar" which I thought was funny...)