Monday, November 24, 2008

I have a dream

I decided that today is the day I go digging through the dusty boxes in the garage to uncover my neglected knitting gear! And right after I do that I'm going to sign up for a knitting class (again) at my fave neighborhood craft store and I'm going to become a knitting machine! Unless I like crocheting better...I can't remember which is supposed to be easier.

At the very least I must make this ninja. Or I could just buy it.
You can find the baby bootie pattern here .
Elephant and Lion here.
Waffles and Fruit here.
and the Japanese flip flops here.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'm still here...

My brain is refusing to let me think about my little blog or about much these days except for one very life-changing event which happens to be the one where G and I are expecting our first baby. I know, Whoa. It seems a bit surreal yet as I'm only 10 1/2 weeks along but after 7 1/2 years of marriage and 32 1/2 years of life in general (plus G's 38 years), we think we're as ready as we'll ever be. And we're so very excited! And nervous. And at times overwhelmed. But in general, completely happy!

So on that note I wanted to share one thing that has been a small joy to me through this weird time of not wanting (but ironically being allowed by my doctor) my usual morning coffee.

Prince Vladimir Kusmi Tea is so so good and smells so dark and orangey and wonderful. I bought some in a beautiful tin somewhere in NYC which of course I don't remember now (do you, P?) but nevertheless you can order some here.
I want to sit in this kitchen with people I really like and drink tea and eat pumkin pie.
*Kitch image from Desire to Inspire.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The bookshelf of my dreams

When we were fake moving this summer, we packed up what seemed like 982 books from all over the house. There are currently about 746 still sitting in boxes in the garage ready to be unpacked but alas we have nowhere to house them because we sold some bookshelves at our fake garage sale. So now besides coveting wallpaper, and a kitchen makeover (I feel your pain, Erin!)I covet bookshelves. And yes, I want a ladder too.
I would love to not have to resort to Ikea yet again (cuz we sorta have a lot of it already) so if anyone has fab bookshelf ideas for me that are non-Ikea and non-a trillion dollars, please do tell!
*image found via Desire to Inspire.

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Fave

Mad Men is the new fave at our house. So much so that we had to spend the entire day yesterday watching it in our p.j's and eating G's leftover birthday cake.
I also seem to have fallen in love with this headboard.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Words cannot describe

It felt like a dream last night and still does today - such an amazing dream that I keep pinching myself to see if it's all real!
My boss on the other hand is huddled in his office, no doubt drinking whiskey and listening to Rush Limbaugh for comfort. So sad.
But not for the rest of us!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I did, did you?

Monday, November 3, 2008

The wait is over

After a very long Netflix wait I have now been absorbed into the saga of Meerkat Manor.
I seriously don't know how I'm going to handle Shakespeare dying of a Puff adder bite....
P.S. For those of you who are in the know - don't tell me, k?