Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Sometimes Tuesday needs all the help it can get and this Tuesday wasn't an exception. I came home from a not so exciting day at work only to find a package stuffed in my mailbox. I didn't remember ordering anything yet there sat a package with my name on it. I opened it to find a chocolate vinyl bag with blue striped straps that the nice people at Domino Magazine sent me for signing up for a two year subscription. (A good deal for $10!)

I felt so happy that it inspired me to get new batteries for my Japanese talking watch that's been out of order for like 6 weeks. I can once again hear the time announced to me hourly in Japanese which makes any day better!

Besides talking, the alarm also makes a digital beep, a cuckoo, and a rooster sound! You can find them in different colors at FredFlare.com

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G. S. Enns said...

It's great to receive cute free things in the mail when you're not expecting.