Monday, December 1, 2008

Double Happiness

This past Thanksgiving will remain quite unforgettable as this is the one we surrealistically told family and friends that we are having not just one baby this June but two! Talk about a shocker. It was only my second routine check-up where we gleefully listened to the heartbeat (yes, just one!) for the first time until the Dr. mentioned oh so casually that I measured much further along than my mere 11 1/2 weeks and that it was possible that I was carrying twins. We stumbled across the hall where she got us right in for a sonogram so as to dispell any twin rumors when low and behold, two little creatures appeared on the monitor side by side, one comfy on it's back, the other not so comfy on it's poor little head. But there they were none the less, moving their tiny hands, sending G and I into a wide-eyed shock. I did however suffer a bit of a laughing fit as I do when I'm out of control nervous. I mean, does this really happen to people in real life? I thought it only happened to 40 somethings in Hollywood taking fertility drugs. In this case it runs in the family as my Grandmother was a twin. She would be beyond happy to know this. We are in fact beyond happy as well. It's funny how quick you can get used to an idea that you have no control over. Now we can't imagine not having two and are in major anticipation of meeting them. I'm also in major anticipation of finding perfectly fantastic fabric for the curtains in their room just as soon as we know what combo we're getting. All we know is that there is some major love coming our way.


Pillows for the People said...

(this is the only word I can use in regards to this matter).

love, love,

erin@designcrisis said...

WOW! Congratulations! When I went in for my ultrasound, I kept asking, is there just one in there??? Because my dad, grandmother's sisters, and great grandmother are all twins.

I'm so excited for you! How are you feeling? I heard that carrying twins can exacerbate pregnancy symptoms.

C. said...

I read of one twin "disappearing" behind the other one during an early ultrasound - making it appear that there's only one baby. Maybe you shouldn't rule out twins just yet.... :)

I'm feeling really good most of the time. I have bouts of being finicky but not too bad.

Hope you're doing good, too!

erin@designcrisis said...

I feel fine... just reallllly tired.

Glad you're doing well! Keep us all updated.

The Fitzlosopher: said...

How wonderful! You are the first person I know to have twins- but on the preggo message boards, it seems like everyone and thier momma is having them. Maybe it's all the good nutrition we have nowadays or something. Can they tell if they're fraternal or identical yet?

C. said...

They're fraternal - I know what you mean about twins seeming to be everywhere. Now that I'm tuned into it, it seems I meet people everywhere who have them or know people who do! Could be nutrition but I'm pretty sure it's magic.

d.Sharp said...

Double happiness indeed! Congratulations again!

Mark said...

Personally, I think you should chalk it up to magic! How amazing and crazy. Cramazing!!! And you guys did it the natural way (Gary's boys must be pretty swift and strong), which is too cool.
We hope you guys the best for the upcoming months. It'll be tough, but totally worth it.

Carlita said...

Yay! Again, we are so excited for you two! It is definitely double happiness and double the most awesome love you will ever know. So indescribable. . .
We love you and can't wait to meet the little ones.
The other C