Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The general plan for 2008

To find my calling. (I'd be content with a job that I actually enjoy.)

To appreciate exactly where I am (physically, mentally, spiritually, the works.)

To practice being more gracious.

To also practice telling people who insist on repeatedly asking me when I plan on having children to mind their own beeswax *edited version. (In a gracious manner of course!)

To get in the habit of writing thank-you's.

To travel as much as possible!

To try out at least one new recipe a month from my new "Let's Cook Japanese Food!" cookbook.

To use yummy smelling lotion (like my new fave Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works) everyday instead of saving it for so-called special occasions.

To compile a Best of 2007 photo album (the physical kind one can hold in one's hand - inspired by my dear friend P. who has made yearly photo albums since our high-school years.)

To treat others the way I would like to be treated even if I would really like to kick them in the eye, face, groin, etc.

To organize, paint, and fix-up our extra room which has only ever functioned as a catch all for junk, and use it!

To not let the never-ending piles of dirty dishes stress me out.

To learn how to accept a compliment.

To dust/sweep/clean more frequently but never at the expense of my overall happiness.

To write down each book I read. *Currently reading Murder on the Orient Express.

To add new instruments to my repertoire like my my new Melodica!

To keep making music!

To continue to love the people (and animals) in my life that I already love, but better.

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Pillows for the People said...

What a divine list you have here!