Saturday, December 1, 2007

A Revalation in Housewares

Today, as I walked trance-like up and down the housewares sale aisle for the fourth time trying to justify just a bit more stuff that I didn’t in any way need (I’m sure I could use that squirrel votive holder somewhere....), I came to a horrible yet not too surprising conclusion: I am addicted to Target.

Sometimes I catch myself at any one of the three Target stores in my city twice or even three times a week. What could I possibly be buying you ask? Well, in one word, EVERYTHING! Not unlike some other major stores where you can find anything from undies to entertainment centers (not to mention all the uber affordable clothing from up and coming desingners ), Target has it all.

Other places (a certain store with the word Mart in it’s name for instance) feel like a horrible overcrowded warehouse with all the squalor and charm of a dollar store (not that I haven't found some unexpected goodies at said stores but you know what I mean.) The people behind Target however know style. Good and affordable style. You can tell what the store is all about by simply watching the hip commercials featuring color coordinated mod looking people with cute dogs. Target has a corner on the hip and affordable market and it has lured me into a comfortable rhythm of want and need. And of course, returns.

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Pillows for the People said...

So true, those peeps at target really seem to understand us intimately, it's scary really. p.s. I can already tell this blog is going to rock.